Getting Married at St Margaret's

Congratulations upon your engagement to each-other. Your Wedding Day is a very special day, and we will do all we can to make sure that the celebration is memorable and enjoyable.

Who can get married at St Margaret's?

From 2008 new regulations came into force regarding who can legally qualify to get married at St Margaret's Church. Couples need to establish a "qualifying connection" by virtue of one or more of the following:

  • by being baptised in St Margaret's and having an entry in the baptism register
  • by being confirmed in the Church of England and having an entry in St Margaret's confirmation register
  • by having a parent or grandparent who was married at St Margaret's
  • by having your usual place of residence in the Parish for at least six months
  • by having a parent whose usual place of residence has been in the Parish for at least six months during your lifetime
  • by habitually attending public worship at St Margaret's for at least six months
  • by one parent habitually attending public worship at St Margaret's for at least six months

The Vicar will be willing to talk through these options in more detail with couples. In addition, if either party has had a previous marriage dissolved then this must be discussed with the priest in accordance with the Church of England guidelines.


About two months before the wedding your banns will be read in Church. This is a legal requirement and a public announcement of your intention to marry. You should be present to hear your banns read, and it is often a good time to involve parents. If either of you live outside the area covered by the parish you must arrange for banns to be read at the parish where you live, and obtain a certificate which you should bring with you to the wedding rehearsal. Please note that we cannot legally marry you without this certificate.

For all marriage enquiries please contact Fr Ian who will happily assist you.

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