Holiday Club 2011




St Margaret's Holiday Club 2011




2011 Holiday Club dealt with Food; an abundance of food and a lack of food. We learned about how people and many African Countries are starving due to a lack of food and an unfair distribution of wealth (all using chocolate!) and how we can help them to help themselves. We learned about people in this country who have no food and how they are being helped by HARP and other organisations.

Each day had a team challenge and the Junior leaders led the children in these challenges. These were

  • to decorate and wear a t-shirt;

to build a Small World version of The Last Supper;

to decorate banners to be hung in church

and lastly to make a table full of food in church using tissue paper and other craft media.

The children spent time quietly in groups learning stories from the bible 







and this was followed by activities chosen on arrival. These were

Street Hockey;

Pasta Crafts;

Healthy Cooking;




Stained Glass Lanterns;


Simple Aeroplanes;

Scary Science;

Singing and Percussion;

Dinosaur Aeroplanes and

Crazy Hats.


Many new songs and actions were learned during the mornings and the day always ended with a coming together for 'show and tell' and a prayer.

This year we had 50 children, 20 Senior Leaders and 16 Junior Leaders. All leaders worked very hard to make the 2011 Holiday Club a great success and seeds of ideas have been planted for 2012


Watch this space.!!






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