In 1990 in response to the growing number of people finding themselves homeless in Southend and the surrounding areas, representatives from five local churches met together to discuss the problem. After consultations with other groups working with the homeless it was discovered that the provision for young people who became homeless through no fault of their own was particularly deficient. After further research and prayerful consideration it was decided that representatives would recommend to their churches that a joint community project should be started to address this need: Serving the Homeless is the result.

Serving the Homeless is an interdenominational community project representing the congregations of six local churches
St Barnabas (Anglican)
St Clement (Anglican)
St Margaret of Antioch (Anglican)
Our Lady of Lourdes (Roman Catholic)
Highlands Methodist Church
New Road Methodist Church

How we work
The committee drawn from the five churches plus others who share the concerns meet monthly and have four prime objectives:

  1. To seek to provide affordable accommodation for single young people
  2. To enable clients to have access to counselling and support services
  3. To support the work of the Homeless Centre in Valkyrie Road
  4. To increase awareness of issues affecting the homeless.

We organise money raising functions, seek grant and gifts both within the churches and from other organisations and trusts. We buy property and organise refurbishment We work with other organisations sharing their concerns and supporting their work Through special church services, newsletters, Parish Magazines, pamphlets and the press we seek to make people aware of the issues and what is being done.

What has been done
We have continued to work closely with the Acorn Housing Association. Acorn has been providing special needs accommodation for some fifteen years and now with the assistance of Serving the Homeless has been able to offer 12 additional young people accommodation. At present this is the largest project of its kind in the area providing accommodation for up to 40 people. We aim to make it possible to purchase three flats in the coming year and to continue this work until the need is satisfied, while continuing to support other initiatives such as the Southend Centre for the Homeless

How you can help

  • By including this work in your prayers
  • By being prepared to serve on the committee
  • By offering your time
  • By organising a money-raising event
  • By joining the 200 club
  • By making a regular donation
  • By using Gift Aid to make a gift
  • By becoming a Friend of Serving the Homeless and supporting our events
  • By putting Serving the Homeless forward for sponsorship by your company or the firm for who you work.

For further information contact

Mrs. Linda Wall

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Mrs. Jo Ronan

56 Marine Avenue

Leigh on Sea

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